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We design, build and install outdoor pods for school and homes in and around Sussex and We build our outdoor seating pods with you in mind! Each of our projects are built to your specific requirements, so no pods will be the exact same! We only use the highest quality materials that are also environmentally friendly.

Our outdoor pods can be utilized and be used for whatever you’d like! The most popular uses with our clients are:

We construct our pods in and around Sussex, and our clients use them as home offices, gyms, guest rooms, yoga studios, playrooms, music and art studios, classrooms, therapy rooms, and much more.

What can we create for you?

Outdoor office building

Outdoor Home Offices:

During the pandemic, many companies and businesses have had to adapt their work-life structure to include working from home and many businesses will continue to work from home, long after the pandemic is over.

If this applies to you, then we can build you your dream outdoor home office by designing and constructing an outdoor office pod in your garden. As mentioned before, we construct all our projects to the client’s requests and can incorporate different elements into our bespoke outdoor office pods. Whether you need overhead lighting, a skylight or space for multiple people, we can build it for you!

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Outdoor office building

Garden Pods

Our bespoke outdoor garden pods not only can be used for outdoor home offices but can also be used for multi-functional purposes for families and guests!

Not enough space for a conservatory in your home? We can build you a beautiful garden pod, which you can use as a lovely sitting area! With large windows for natural light and a large enough space to accommodate multiple people.

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Outdoor building

Home Garden Gym

Across the UK, gyms have been closed numerous times and has led to people having to conduct their workouts from home. With our outdoor pods, you can create your dream home garden gym, and save yourself money by not paying gym membership fees.

Our outdoor pods can be built with proper ventilation, and an electrical connection so you can have all the latest gym equipment for your home garden gym.

To discuss your requirements for your home garden gym, please get in touch!

Our Key Locations:

We build our bespoke outdoor pods for homes and campsites across the south of the UK. Our locations include Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire Kent and London!

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